TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


There are many different types of activities you can participate in, most of these in the form of missions but there are plenty of ways to make credits.


Trading can be a lucrative career within TextSpaced as you can buy and sell commodities, ports, items and parts from merchants to other merchants. Each merchant will have their own preferences and the prices are affected by local and galactic availability. You can also make credits by selling weapons and equipment your faction has crafted, selling components or buying items such as parts to build new things to sell later down the line. With applicable master skills your trading skills can expand into exotic consumables, being able to set your own profit margins and craft new things to sell, such as ships.


Mining and selling commodities, much like trading, is a good stable way to generate credits. The sell price of commodities is affected by the availability in the local area and the global exchange value which can be checked within news under the computer menu. Additionally, some ships feature perks and equipment which can be used to help with mining. As well as selling mined commodities, the commodities can be used by you and your faction to build structures.


Missions can be viewed within the missions menu and choosing to view the missions board. There are a variety of missions to complete from different factions (including player factions) all sorted by the closest to your position. Each mission brief will be different and you can view the brief and read the details before accepting it.

Failing missions can cause loss of karma and reputation with the issuing faction, so you should only accept missions you plan on completing.


Crafting is another important repertoire to any faction as it opens up new opportunities. There are several types of crafting in the game and an article about crafting is available.


The universe can be a hostile place and although the Transitional Government will try to keep the peace you may often find yourself in combat. Players and NPCs alike can choose to attack one another at any point so its important to be ready to fight or flee. There are various mechanics where factions can avoid combat, such as brokering sales or trade and reparations but understanding combat is a vital skill.

Deep Space Expeditions

A Deep Space Expedition (DSE) is a multi-part mission that a group of three faction members can undertake. To discover a DSE you must first equip a Probe Launcher that can be obtained from merchants.

With the Probe Launcher port equipped you can review the port within the tactical menu and choose to 'Launch Probe' in the sector of your choosing. A probe can only be launched by the same faction in a sector once. The probe will travel into deep space and report back its findings. This is presented as an expedition brief. Additionally, the launcher of the probe will become the expedition leader and must partake in the expedition.

The expedition brief will include the depth of the expedition and the required and suggested perks or equipment for each sector within the expedition. If you expedition party does not have the required ship perks or equipment, the expedition cannot be completed, although it can still be started.

To create an expedition party, two members of the same faction must join the expedition leader in the same sector and enter the expedition menu within missions. Within the expedition menu, captains can 'ready up' and once all three captains are ready the expedition will begin. When a captain sets themselves as ready, a notification is sent to the rest of the faction.

When the expedition starts all party members will begin travelling to the first sector of the expedition and upon arrival will be notified of the objective. Once the objective is complete the expedition leader can move the party to the next sector within the expedition. All players can abandon the expedition while not in combat, and the expedition leader can end the expedition while not in combat pulling the whole party out as well. When a party arrives in the next sector after completing an objective 'loot' will be added to the 'loot stash'. Loot can include:

  • Consumables
  • Credits
  • Expert Modifiers
  • Port parts
  • Ships
  • Ships parts

Additionally, each sector travelled to will grant additional ship FTUs.

The deeper the expedition the higher tier the rewards, with a depth of 10 guaranteeing exotic rewards on completion of the 10th objective. The loot stash as described is awarded to each player once they return to normal space.

If all party members are destroyed the loot stash is lost and is only awarded if the expedition leader chooses to end the expedition or the expedition is completed. DSEs can only be completed once and if failed cannot be resumed or restarted.

Since expeditions happens in deep space rather than interstellar space, all player ships will receive constant radiation damage which will damage shields and then internal systems once shields have failed. Additionally, communication cards such as the SOS card will not operate since relays will be out of range.

In Deep Space players will face 'Outlander' ships.

Outlandish and aggressive humans that have been fragmented, lost and forgotten by the rest of mank

Highly aggressive and using ships they have crafted themselves, the Outlanders attack any outsiders and Civilians that have created outposts or bases in deep space. Karma with the Outlanders will not be recorded.