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Aquatic Hangar

As a structure unique to factions that specialise as marine biologists, the Aquatic Hangar is a large submerged collection of hangar bays able to launch the Bait class ship. Relying on swarm behaviour rather than high damage, the ships act as a strong defence to overwhelm hostiles in a sector. Like all aquatic structures, the Aquatic Hangar has a very high hull strength at the cost of no shields.

Shield: 0

Hull: 22,000

Total Attack Power: 3,000

Tier: 1

Chemical: 1,000

Energy: 50

Metal: 2,000

Organic: 500

Bays: 0

Rooms: 0

Hold: 0

Sector Limit: Water Planet

Required Speciality Level: 10

Placement: Ground

Illegal: No

Faction Only: Yes