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Fold Drill

The Fold Drill is a unique structure available to Atomic Demolitionists. When loaded with Free AntiMatter it will begin drilling into the centre of a planet using a matrix inverted inertia beam. Once the centre has been reached, the drill uses the AntiMatter to create a spatial fold resulting in an implosion so powerful it pulls in and decimates the entire planet reducing it to its raw commodities. All ground structures are lost in the process, and any ships or spatial structures receive damage. The commodities can then be recovered or used for construction within the sector.

Shield: 500

Hull: 1,000

Total Attack Power: 100

Tier: 6

Chemical: 50

Energy: 100

Metal: 200

Organic: 5

Bays: 1

Rooms: 0

Hold: 1

Sector Limit: None

Required Speciality Level: None

Placement: Spatial

Illegal: No

Faction Only: Yes