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Weapons Research Facility

The Weapons Research Facility can research new weapons from weapons the faction has storage in armouries. Each week the facility will notify of new research which can be purchased at discounted rates.

Shield: 2,000

Hull: 1,000

Total Attack Power: 500

Tier: 5

Chemical: 100

Energy: 100

Metal: 300

Organic: 20

Components Required (8): ShockLock Gel, Industrial Fabrication Bay, Grav Plating Sheets, Hazmat Storage, Particle Accelerator, Altered Terbium, Phased Hydrogen, Powdered Nickel.

Bays: 1

Rooms: 0

Hold: 0

Sector Limit: None

Required Speciality Level: None

Placement: Ground

Illegal: No

Faction Only: Yes