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Data Hub

As a unique mining structure exclusively used by androids, the hub is for data mining new credit hashes based on the native quantum fluctuations of the system. Just like mining, data mining is an idle activity that can be performed until the data is exhausted from the system but provides credits directly at regular intervals, as opposed to commodities

For an android to use the data hub they must first obtain the data mining skill. If a data hub is built by a faction, the faction will receive part of the earned credits as profit.

Shield: 100 ZWs

Hull: 10 GPa

Energy Required: 50 ZWs

Total Attack Power: 0

Components Required: Covert Relay Computer, Quantum Data Orchestrator, Data Processor.

- Covert Relay Computer: Pure Oxygen, Pure Neon, Pure Silicon, Pure Cobalt.

- Data Processor: Pure Nickel, Pure Silicon, Pure Strontium, Pure Zinc.

- Quantum Data Orchestrator: Pure Chromium, Stable Antimatter, Pure Iridium, Pure Zirconium.

Services Provided: Data Mining.

Bays: 1

Rooms: 0

Hold: 0 Mgs

Body Type Limit: None

Required Skill: None

Placement: Spatial

Singular: Yes

Faction Usage Only: No


[ATTACK] Mounted Star Cannon: Deals S: 20, H: 50.

[ATTACK] Mounted Beam Cannon: Deals S: 50, H: 20.

[DEFENCE] Reinforce Integrity: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Incoming Damage: -5%.

[DEFENCE] Repair Crews: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Shields: +20 ZWs. Hull: +20 GPa.

[SPECIAL] Relay SOS: Send an SOS to the SOS channel.