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TextSpaced blends the style of more traditional text adventures with modern principles to create a text-based MMO set in a shared, procedural and hostile universe.

The sandbox nature of the game leaves you, the player, the freedom to decide at any point what to do next. The narrative of TextSpaced unfolds organically, so you can choose to uncover the mysterious past of Old Earth, affiliate and forge relationships meeting both real and non-player characters - or simply pirate yourself to fame and fortune.

Your actions influence your skills, simply continue doing what you enjoy to unlock new career paths helping your faction gain more control over the universe.


Discover new sectors, exploring planets and find historic structures, artefact's and ancient audio recordings.


Buy or craft new ships, weapons and equipment with a flexible port system.


Expand your factions reach by building structures, taking down enemies and leveraging mercenaries.


Keep your character happy, nourished and learned through action.

The NPC Factions

There are several NPC factions in TextSpaced already trying to claim the universe for their own reasons.

team 1

Civilian Guild

Believes in peaceful expansion and self defence only

team 2

The Descendants

Believes everyone should follow their own rules and expand as they wish

team 3


Believes in strict laws and a unified galaxy, punishing those that don't follow their laws

team 4

The Ancients

Intentions unknown


Over 80 ship types categorised into 8 different roles to complement all different styles of play.


For those that want to rage war, control the skies and punish trespassers.


Players seeking to directly help their faction expand through construction and salvage.


Those that like to defend their comrades and help create a blockade of armour.


Players after a quiet life of mining and traversing trade routes.


The commanders of us that seek to control the battlefield and provide key upgrades.


Sneaky players that prefer speed and evasion.


Players that want to help the rest of the faction in a supporting role.


For players that can't afford anything better.


Explore the universe one sector at a time discovering everything from stars and planets to ancient structures and spatial anomalies.

team 1


A never ending procedural universe

team 2


Explore planets and find food, water and unknown wildlife

team 3


Discover wonders throughout the universe

team 4


Claim sectors to protect their resources and trade importance


Whether you are interested in following the story and learning the lore or not, it will happen around you giving you the chance to pursue it further if you wish. Spanning 5,000 years you can learn what really happened to ancient humans and everything in between - by meeting new people, discovering ruins and artefact's and recovering ancient audio logs.