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Exotic Refinery

Unique to captains with the atomic demolition master skill, the exotic refinery is a mining structure able to convert commodities to rarer more valuable commodities or exotic ingredients. Through various combinations of skills and faction specialities, the refinery can be refitted for various purposes such as creating Zero Point Energy or even matter replication.

Shield: 10,000

Hull: 10,000

Total Attack Power: 200

Tier: 5

Chemical: 500

Energy: 2,000

Metal: 400

Organic: 50

Components Required (6): Matter Stasis Pods, Faction Notation Interface, Hazmat Storage, Quantum Xenon, Quantum Terbium, Phased Platinum.

Bays: 1

Rooms: 0

Hold: 1,000

Sector Limit: None

Required Speciality Level: None

Placement: Ground

Illegal: No

Faction Only: Yes