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As an essential structure to the beginnings of a faction, the factory allows the fabrication of structure components to build other structures. This is achieved by placing at least 100 megagrams of a commodity into the hold of the factory and refining the commodity to produce a consumable, such as refining iron into a pure iron consumable. Several consumables can then be used together to create a structure component.

Refining commodities takes time but the speed can be increased by improving the level of the factory.

Shield: 400 ZWs

Hull: 400 GPa

Energy Required: 50 ZWs

Total Attack Power: 100

Components Required: Gravity Smelt, Distillation Columns, Atomic Reformer, Faction Notation Interface, Hazmat Storage.

- Atomic Reformer: Pure Americium, Pure Livermorium, Pure Lawrencium, Pure Francium.

- Distillation Columns: Pure Bromine, Pure Iodine, Pure Caesium, Pure Europium.

- Faction Notation Interface: Pure Magnesium, Pure Carbon, Pure Sulfur, Pure Iron.

- Gravity Smelt: Pure Oxygen, Pure Tungsten, Pure Ytterbium, Pure Sulfur.

- Hazmat Storage: Pure Scandium, Pure Strontium, Pure Fluorine, Pure Titanium.

Services Provided: Faction Fabrication.

Bays: 1

Rooms: 0

Hold: 2,000 Mgs

Body Type Limit: None

Required Skill: None

Placement: Ground

Singular: No

Faction Usage Only: Yes


[ATTACK] Mounted Star Cannon: Deals S: 20, H: 50.

[ATTACK] Mounted Beam Cannon: Deals S: 50, H: 20.

[DEFENCE] Reinforce Integrity: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Incoming Damage: -5%.

[DEFENCE] Repair Crews: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Shields: +20 ZWs. Hull: +20 GPa.

[SPECIAL] Relay SOS: Send an SOS to the SOS channel.