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The reserve structure is a specialist structure for housing and training wildlife as well as a place for crew to relax.

Its construction allows the structure to perfectly blend with its environment so that wildlife can be covertly yet attentively watched without stressing the creatures.

When wildlife are captured they can be relocated to a reserve on a planet of their native biome. Once relocated, the wildlife can be trained to eventually be classed as a companion and will automatically be present during hunting, charting and gathering as support depending on their abilities.

To additionally support the wildlife the reserve structure features a sizeable hold that can be filled with food the wildlife enjoys to increase the velocity of their training. The higher level the reserve the less likely accidents are to happen on the higher natural birth rates will be.

Special attention should be taken on which wildlife are housed together, as often fights can break out between them.

The reserve structure is also a place for crew to relax and improve their morale. Up to 16 crew can be dropped off at a reserve and then picked up by any other faction member to join their roster instead.

Shield: 100 ZWs

Hull: 250 GPa

Energy Required: 150 ZWs

Total Attack Power: 0

Components Required: Subterranean Sensor Nets, Distributed Cloak Network, Spa Complex Prefab, Wildlife Veterinary Prefab.

- Distributed Cloak Network: Pure Promethium, Pure Einsteinium, Pure Radon, Pure Ampthium.

- Spa Complex Prefab: Pure Calcium, Pure Aluminium, Blue Bay Leaf, Freshwater Lizard Scales.

- Subterranean Sensor Nets: Scrap Metal, Large Electrum Crystal, Relay Reed Leaf, Pure Copper.

- Wildlife Veterinary Prefab: Medicine, Foodstuff, XL X-Ray Unit, Angel Bird Hide.

Services Provided: Trading Companions.

Bays: 4

Rooms: 2

Hold: 2,000 Mgs

Body Type Limit: None

Required Skill: Hunter 1

Placement: Ground

Singular: No

Faction Usage Only: Yes


[ATTACK] Mounted Star Cannon: Deals S: 20, H: 50.

[ATTACK] Mounted Beam Cannon: Deals S: 50, H: 20.

[DEFENCE] Reinforce Integrity: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Incoming Damage: -5%.

[DEFENCE] Repair Crews: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Shields: +20 ZWs. Hull: +20 GPa.

[SPECIAL] Relay SOS: Send an SOS to the SOS channel.