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The command window contains sections relevant to your faction members, karma, systems, structures as well as your own parked ships and crew. For admirals and above it also homes sections related to research and technology.


You can review all the structures your faction owns grouped by system. For each structure you can see its current shield and hull stats, travel to the structure as well as review more information about the structure. The amount of surplus energy for the system is also shown, if this number goes below zero the structures in the system will go offline.

The systems section shows all systems your faction has claimed by building structures in the system. If you are an admiral or above you can rename the system using the contextual menu as well as engage to the system. Clicking a system will give you all of its details including its bodies, commodities, services and rules set. If you are a captain or above in your faction you can also toggle the rules set for the system.

If you have just purchased a ship it will be parked in the location you bought it, or if you switched command of a ship the previous ship will be left parked. This section allows you to view all of your parked ships and their locations, allowing you to easily travel to them and switch to commanding them as required.

The cargo search section provides a mechanism to browse all cargo stored in all structures across your entire faction. You will be able to see which structure holds the cargo and where, what the cargo is and the amount held - an engage button is also available to travel directly there. To show results, choose a cargo group from the selection.


Crew can be hired at systems with the crew hiring service and from here managed. Crew provide benefits based on roles which you can read about when selecting them from services. In total, you can hire 16 crew members at a one-off cost, but the crew do not need to be with you to have an effect. Crew can be stored in a faction reserve when they are not needed. Additionally, crew can be sent on away missions to help them gain experience.

Companions are wildlife that have been captured during hunting and then trained at a faction reserve. Any companions you have with you will show in the companions section, clicking the companions name will provide all of their details.

Within the people group you can see a directory of all people within your faction and any request to join your faction or ally with your faction.

The directory is filtered by role with a selector for switching between different faction roles. If you are of a higher rank of any person listed you can demote or promote them decreasing or increasing their rank respectively. As an admiral or above you can also kick people from your faction. When a person is kicked they will automatically be placed in a new created faction where they are the sole member and founder. Clicking on a person gives you their details which includes their portrait, any insignia they have obtained, and ships they own. It will also state their character details such as gender, race and level as well when they were last active and status.


If your faction has any colonies, these will be listed in this section. A colony is built by your faction by a person with the colonisation skill and are an important structure for factions.

Colonies is a central place to view everything about your colonies. You can view the population of your colonies, their location and if there are any outstanding requests that need to be complete (you caa view the details of these requests from the missions window). Clicking a colony name will give you the details about your colony including its tactical status, what cargo it is holding as well as the option to enlist heroes born in the colony. Heroes help the colony grow but can also be enlisted, which removes them from the colony and adds them yo your crew as a level 100 crew member. You can only do this when in orbit of the colony.

Your colony will also provide an automatic response to faction members under attack within a certain range, you can check this range from the response section. The response coverage section lists ranges where you will have suport from colony response, giving you an indication of safer locations to be.

Karma & Rep

Karma is a measure of how well aligned you are with another faction. The closer to -100% a karma rating is with another faction, the greater misaligned you are, and you should consider going to war. The higher the karma rating, the greater aligned you are with the faction, and you should consider an alliance. You can declare war or propose an alliance at any point, but the karma rating is to help inform this. Karma increases and decreases as your faction members perform actions such as disobeying rules or offering tribute. The worst karma rating is -100%, the best is 100% and neutral is zero.

The karma log is a list of all actions that have changed karma between your faction and another, who performed the action and the reason behind the change.

You can see any alliances or war declarations that are active from this section as well.

Rep is used to take out contracts (from the missions window) with other factions and is earned by completing missions, completing season steps and sometimes from special consumables like capsules or intel usage.

Lastly, as a faction founder you can choose to bulk set individual rules across all faction systems or clear or rules set. Rules are stated to all people when entering a system and when disobeyed (this excludes faction members and allys) will result in karma loss between to two concerned factions.


The requests section is for all the faction to see but only the founder can act on the request. Different groups will show requests from other people to join your faction, alliance requests and ownership transfer requests. Ownership transfer requests are where another faction founder wants to transfer all of their faction and asessts to yours.

Research & Tech

If you build a port research centre or ship research centre, these structure will begin providing a research point each day. So a single research centre will provide 100 points over 100 days, two would provide 100 points over 50 days and so on. A new equipment line, ship line or weapon line can be researched and unlocked for a total of 100 research points. Once these lines are researched, any faction member can attempt to craft items within these lines being in orbit of the relevant centre, if successful, the recipe for the item becomes available for the entire faction. For ships, the ship will become available to purchase at all faction shipwrights.

Technology can also be researched and unlocked for 100 research points and 10,000,000 credits. Technology can be improved indefinitely with the cost and the effect increasing each time once initially researched. The cost is stated as well as the effect given to the faction as a whole.

To aid with research, you can deposit credits in the faction treasury which are used to pay for technology. You can research as a good deal of different equipment, ship and weapon lines your faction can afford.

Lastly, if you find a relic belonging to a faction, giving this relic as tribute at the corresponding faction temple will instantly grant that faction 100 skill points.

Faction Info

The faction info section provides a place for you as a founder to create content (if they are a patron) for your faction members to consume as well as listing statistics about your faction.

For content creation a faction founder can create headings, add website links and text groups in an order they see fit.