TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


The computer window is for searching and reference and contains all types of information you may need. At the top of the computer window your current faction name, faction rank, citizen ID and the in-game date is shown for convenience.


The search section allows you to search for factions by name or people (other players). You can type any part of a faction name or player name to do a search with results showing as you type. The faction search will give you the faction name, its current power rating and number of members as a result, but you can click through for more details about the faction. The contextual menu gives you the option to request to join the faction and, if the other faction accepts, you will automatically transfer faction.

The people search will return the persons name along with their faction rank and their current faction. Clicking through allows you to view more details about the person including any insignia they have obtained and the ships they own.


The leaderboards section allows you to compare your progress with other players by viewing the top players in different sections with nearly all of the stats updating live. You can do a similar thing by viewing the factions leaderboards and with both you can click through for more information - just like in search.

Galaxy Metrics

Galaxy metrics are metrics about the entire game as a whole and include thigns like the average skill level, number of active players and total credits in circulation.


The codex lists all of the codex entries you have obtained by performing related activities. The list includes the codex title and how long ago you obtained the entry. You can click through to read the codex entry as well as change the filter to show codex entries from different categories.


As players progress through the game they will collectively find fragments, these are story fragments that could be from the past, present or future. As these are found they will appear for everyone in this section and finding a fragment is a monumental achievement along with a high reward.

Similarly, audio logs can also be found by all players collectively and will be listed here for any player to listen to.


The reference section is a section to help you and contains tutorials, information about ships you can purchase, FAQs and surveys.

The first section, tutorials, are individual courses you can complete step by step. Selecting a tutorial will show its steps which you can page through at your leisure. The tutorial system will remember which step of which tutorial you had open so when you return you can easily re-read the step or advance to the next.

The ships section allows you to view ships you can purchase based on your skill levels which you can filter in various different ways. You can also browse all ships regardless if you can purchase them or not by using the 'all' options in the filter. Clicking through gives you all the information about the ship you will need.

FAQs are searchable frequently asked questions that are added to regularly, clicking an FAQ will give you the entire answer with the excerpt shown when you search.

Finally, the surveys section are surveys you can complete for a small credit reward which help improve the game but are completely optional.