TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


Crew in TextSpaced are non-player characters that you can interact with to receive missions, each time you complete a mission for a crew member your affinity with them will increase. Once your affinity is high enough you can recruit the crew member to join you and form part of your crew. To recruit a crew member not only do you require a high affinity with them but also available crew quarters both on your ship and in personal or faction structures for when the crew member does not wish to be on your ship or you disembark them.


Rooms can be added to ships, amenities and personal structures with a large selection to choose from. Each ship and structure has a specified number of customisable room spaces for you to install at your leisure by a Shipwright or at the relevant structure. Structures and ships also have a specified number of crew quarters available for housing crew members separate from the customisable room count, however, you can still choose to install additional crew quarters as a customisable room. The number of crew quarters you have available on your ship dictates how many crew members can be aboard at any one time.


Each crew member requires a weekly salary to remain as part of your crew, this is detailed when hiring the crew member. The salary is based on both the crew members profession and their level. Hiring a low level crew member is the most cost effective way to maintain a crew, as when the crew member levels up and improves their skills while on your ship their salary will not increase. Failing to pay crew members results in loss of affinity and ultimately if the affinity falls too low the crew member will leave.

You can also choose to 'disembark' a crew member sending them to a personal structure or faction barracks automatically, however, disembarked crew members still require a weekly salary. If you require to switch ship, if the new ship has the same or greater number of crew quarters they will transfer with you, if not, you will need to manually disembark the crew you don't need. If you no longer require a crew member at all, you can terminate their contract, however, you will not be able to hire this same crew member again.

The most common case for disembarking crew is when you plan to head into battle, as if your ship gets destroyed there is a high chance crew members will get killed.


The specific crew members you hire is very important as hiring crew member from rival factions will likely result in conflict amongst your crew. Creating a crew that works well together and compliment each others skills is the best way to run a successful ship. Additionally the crew you hire can also influence your factions karma as it changes how you are perceived.


Each crew member has a profession which provides a passive or active perk with this perk becomingly more influential the higher the crew members level. Passive perks are abilities that influence your game-play passively such as improved ship repair times. Active perks are perks that provide a regular reward or service, such as a crew member generating port parts from scrap for you. When hiring crew you should consider which perks will help you out as a captain the most.