TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


A rich lore has been developed in TextSpaced that filters through every aspect of the game. The lore is directly exposed as story fragments, a codex and audio logs, all of which you can collect as the game progresses.

Story fragments are echoes from the past, present or future you collect as your meander through the universe. Your ability to try and arrange these fragments in chronological order is to attempt to piece together the story as you find them, and sometimes the fragments will be things that haven't happened yet, or did happen, giving you the chance to intervene and change history. Generally the story is about uncovering the mysterious past of Old Earth who's fate nobody seems to be consistent upon.

Similarly a codex provides specific entries of knowledge about the universe which are unlocked by doing related activities. For instance, the first time you begin mining you will unlock a codex entry detailing how mining beams actually work. The codex helps expand your knowledge of the universe particularly the history and reasoning as well as additional tidbits of information.

Finally, audio logs can be found that provide a voice to those that died two millennia ago on Old Earth. The logs can be played back at any time from the computer and can be found throughout the universe as you play the game.

Beyond Beta

Beyond the open beta we wish to expand the story of the game by providing more substance to missions, more quests and generally more ways to interact with the inhabitants of the universe. Despite being a player focused game, we believe having activities to do at any time, even as a lone player is important as it brings life, dynamics and emotion into the world.

Deep Lore

Lore informs every aspect of the game, from the weapon and ship designs to characters and plot points. Even the food and drinks within the game have lore attached to them allowing you to immerse yourself in a new universe. Part of what makes TextSpaced unique, however, is that players and their factions can become part of the lore, leaving their mark on the game history through actions, achievements and the decisions they make.