TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


Exploration is a key part of TextSpaced as it expands the usable space you can work with and sites you can collect and gather commodities, consumables and other useful items. There are a few different types of exploration within TextSpaced, the exploration of space itself and of planets.


Travelling to new sectors you will be exploring space expanding your own star charts and pushing back the frontier. Each sector your discover can be notable in terms of commodities, strategic importance or relation building.

The more sectors you explore the more real-estate you have to expand your faction empire, to mine for commodities and defend your borders. This is an important aspect if you wish to grow your faction.

Exploring space allows provides additional points of interest such as new merchant locations, valuable mining sectors or rare instances such as unstable wormholes.

Charting Planets

Landing and charting planets allows you to explore it's surface. As a time-based activity you could find wildlife, points of interest, relics, notable unique discoveries, wonders and lots of other finds which could increase skills, your credit balance or expand the lore.

Charting planets is a perfect activity for new players to help generate money, and even after a planet has been charting you can continue to gather upon it to collect consumables.


Consumables are single use items that you can gather from planets, purchase or be given as rewards. There are many different categories of consumables that serve different roles. To check your consumables visit the cargo menu and choose consumables.

Sector Listings

Each different sector type in TextSpaced provides different opportunities and often different effects during combat. Understanding the sector type provides a key tactical advantage. Please note, this list does not include sectors that are considered spoilers.