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How do I Terraform?

To start Terraforming you first need to acquire the Terraformer ship or any ship with the Terraforming perk. When you are in this ship you can begin terraforming any body.

To start, click the body you wish to Terraform from the local bodies listings in the helm window, this will give you details about the commodities present at the body.

When in a ship with the Terraforming perk a new section for Terraforming will appear listing all of the commodities held by a planet accompanied by a Terraform button.

With the corresponding commodity in your hold you can choose a commodity that is not at the bodies maximum to start the Terraforming process. The aim is fill the bodies commodities back to maximum capacity and each time you do this there is a chance Terraforming will take place.

If you are successful the body will become a better type, a new commodity will appear at zero as well as a chance for a new abundant commodity to be added. You can repeat this process as many times as needed upgrading the planets type each time.

It is worth noting different planets change in different ways and a good Terraformer will learn these progressions.

Terraforming as an idle activity normally has a yield of 1 Mg per cycle, however, the Terraforming skill can be realised to increase this yield per cycle and therefore expediting the process.