TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


The inbox window is access via using the quick change selection at the top of each window, or switching the channel to inbox when viewing chat.

If you have any direct messages or have sent any, these are listed in the inbox group. Clicking a message will load the message thread, allowing you to send further messages.

The search group allows you to search for another person by name, with the contextual option to send them a message. This can also be performed from the computer window, under search when you search for a person there.

When you are composing a message you will have an option for the 'tone' your character should use, as all messages sent are interpreted by your character. Therefore, the tone helps your character form the message, but defaults to amiable.

If you are receiving unwanted messages from another person you can block them by searching for them by name and choosing the block option.