TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


The missions within TextSpaced are procedurally generated from 82 different mission types. The missions automatically adapt to everything that is happening in the universe and the local area, creating natural regions of groups of mission types. Missions are generated for all different skill levels and the more difficult the mission is based on your current skill level, the higher the rewards will be.

With so many types of missions to complete covering all types of activities, you will always have missions to complete in tasks you enjoy.

Missions appear in the missions window, where you can browse all the missions available sort by distance, level and title as well as search based on the type of mission or the rewards it is providing. Viewing the details of a mission allows you to browse all the steps required to complete the mission, the expiry time and view the rewards granted upon completion.

you will always have missions to complete

Missions you accept appear in the active mission section of the missions window. You can also choose to abandon missions you accepted, but doing this you will lose any deposit paid, lose karma with issuing faction and future deposits for missions will be higher.

Missions themselves are issued by structures from any faction near to you that you are not at war with, including your own, and that have no barred missions. Completing a mission will provide the described reward which is usually credits and will often provide a change to your factors resulting in a skill point earned. It will also improve karma relations between your faction and the issuing faction. Most missions also have an intrinsic benefit for the issuing faction as well, such as the faction receiving the goods you supply.

at this moment you can accept 1,319 different missions

Colony Requests

If your faction has a colony structure, such as a settlement or a town, you will sometimes also receive colony requests. These requests work just like missions apart from anyone in the faction can contribute to them, and they can be partially completed like some other missions. If a colony request is completed it will provide a population boom, if failed, a population delcine. Some requests are also time sensitive, for instance a request to stop a virus spreading if not completed will have ongoing negative effects and compounded negative effects if not complete.

Missions List

Below is the list of all 82 missions currently possible to accept.

All Mine

Research on combat mines is required so that new variants can be created and defences improved. In live combat, receive the specified number of mine hits against yourself to complete the mission.

Decreases Perfectionism factor

Animal Charmer (Human only)

To better understand and improve psionic charming technology, we require the listed animal to be charmed. You will require the PsiCharmer skill to complete this mission.

Increases Reasoning factor

Bad Robot

A damaged and malfunctioning android has been reported to be on a killing spree and must be stopped. Travel to the enclosed body and hunt the android, ending its path of destruction.

Increases Confidence factor


The Outlander presence is causing difficulty in the local area. We require someone to serve as bait so we can spring a trap. Travel to the enclosed position where your temporarily modified transponder will make you a tempting target. The mission is complete as soon as Outlanders arrive and the trap is sprung.

Increases Apprehension factor

Basic Flight Training

This mission takes you through navigation and basic flight skills, completing this mission realises all craft role skills allowing you to purchase ships in roles that interest you. Complete the steps as listed, if you get stuck, a tutorial about this mission can be found in the computer window.

Increases Imagination factor

Special reward: Realises all craft role skills.

Blade Runner (Human only)

The Transitional Government are aware of reckless and powerful androids that need to be culled. Locate and kill the enclosed target. Once you get close to the target an entry will be added to your log.

Decreases Warmth factor


Kill the captain of the given name.

Decreases Warmth factor

Butcher (Clone only)

Source and deliver an occupied biostasis pod to the asteroid bar, just don't ask what they want with it.

Decreases Warmth factor


Find and deliver the specific bygones from the local area to help retain the history of the region.

Decreases Flexibility factor

Carbine Cull

A cull is required of the enclosed wildlife type to prevent over population. Hunt and kill the number specified to claim your reward.

Decreases Sensitivity factor

Care Package

The Outlanders require basic supplies and goods, as a humanitarian gesture drop the supplies at the enclosed position.

Decreases Perfectionism factor

Chefs Kiss

Deliver the specified ingredients.

Decreases Tension factor

Clear Field

Mine the specified Asteroid Field.

Decreases Tension factor

Collection Plate

Donate credits to the specific temple to contribute to their cause.

Increases Warmth factor

Special reward: Bonus increase to warmth.

Complete Wreck

Salvage the designated wreck using a construction role ship and return to the computer core to complete the mission.

Decreases Sensitivity factor

Core Samples

Mine 100 Mgs of commodities from the specified asteroid field to provide core sample research about the local area.

Decreases Tension factor


A Courier mission involves collecting cargo from a specific location and delivering it to a different location. The reward is based both on the distance to travel and the amount of cargo to courier.

Decreases Solitude factor

Crashed Ship

An SOS has been detected nearby from a crashed ship. The ship has been catastrophically damaged but some of the crew have survived. The survivors are under threat by the local wildlife and are requiring recusing. Get to crash site and chart the planet to find the ship and then hunt for the ship wreck and rescue the crew (the salvage option will rescue the crew while hunting).

Increases Confidence factor

Crusade End

Family Ath'en engineers have been reported in the enclosed system attempting to fortify the position. Destroy the engineer before a base can be established.

Increases Dominance factor

Curious Cats

Famil Na'laar engineers have been reported in the enclosed system attempting to fortify the position. Destroy the engineer before a base can be established.

Increases Dominance factor

Data Courier (Android only)

The Data Courier mission is unique to androids. When accepted sensitive data will be uploaded to yourself, simply enter the listed system and the data will automatically be sent to the undisclosed recipient.

Increases Perfectionism factor

Decadent Dish

Source and deliver the specified exotic wildlife parts for the chefs to create a new decadent dish.

Increases Liveliness factor

Decrypt Message

A mission for veteran captains, decrypt the supplied message intercepted from another faction for a reward.

Increases Reasoning factor

Distress Signal

An automated distress signal has been detected in the local area. Locate the signal by travelling to positions nearby to track down the signal. Your log will inform you of the strength of the signal.

Increases Warmth factor

Dog Catcher

Family Robar engineers have been reported in the enclosed system attempting to fortify the position. Destroy the engineer before a base can be established.

Increases Dominance factor

Dragon Slayer

A dragon has become a menace in the local, damaging structures, taking livestock and even people. Hunt and kill the dragon of the enclosed type at the body included.

Decreases Warmth factor

Expired Meat

The Transitional Government are aware of dangerous clones that are causing havoc throughout the galaxy. Locate and kill the enclosed target. Once you get close to the target an entry will be added to your log.

Decreases Warmth factor

Family Matters

An ambassador and dignitaries require travel between the stated systems. With passenger accommodation fitted visit the first system to pick up the passengers which require fives spaces, and then enter the next stated system to deliver them safely.

Increases Solitude factor

Fish Food

Family At'la engineers have been reported in the enclosed system attempting to fortify the position. Destroy the engineer before a base can be established.

Increases Dominance factor


A fugitive has escaped prison, the details of the ship they used to escape are included below. Locate the ship, take down its shields and use the extract card provided to retrieve the prisoner and place them in a biostasis pod. The ship could not have gotten far, search the local area to find the ship. The Extract special card should be added to your combat deck before engaging in combat.

Increases Obedience factor

Special reward: Additional karma granted.

Full Metal Alchemist

Source and deliver the specified exotic metals to aid with research.

Increases Tension factor

Geiger Counter

To better refine ship technologies to withstand extreme nuclear saturation, it is required to gather data from in the field. Take part in combat to increase your nuclear saturation level, the mission will complete once your nuclear saturation reaches the prescribed limit.

Increases Boldness factor

Hack n' Slash

New designs of melee weapons and improvements of existing designs are always required. Hunt the specified wildlife with any melee weapon and return with your observations and data to claim the reward.

Increases Solitude factor

Hunted Hunter

A wildlife hunter has been severely injured and needs medical treatment urgently. The loss of blood has attracted swarms of predators that are attempting to enter the ship the hunter has taken refuge in, damaging the ship in the process. Fight your way through the predators to rescue the hunter. Scavenge once at the same terrain section of the damaged ship to complete the mission.

Decreases Apprehension factor

Light Courier

A Light Courier mission involves collecting cargo from a specific location and delivering it to a different location. The reward is based both on the distance to travel and the amount of cargo to courier.

Decreases Solitude factor

Load of Scrap

Scrap metal has been identified adrift at the enclosed coordinate. Return the scrap metal so it can be evaluated.

Increases Perfectionism factor

Special reward: Chance of additional parts reward.

Long Haul

Collect the specified commodities and deliver them to the distant system listed.

Decreases Sensitivity factor

Lost Soul

An occupied biostasis pod has been reported adrift at the enclosed coordinates. Travel to the position and save the lost soul before they are recovered by more nefarious actors. This mission is highly time sensitive.

Decreases Stability factor

Lost Trinket

Locate the described lost trinket by visiting the space around the system for it adrift, deliver for the reward.

Decreases Imagination factor


The Descendants wish to hone their combat skills, testing their mettle against worthy combatants without the loss of life. Simulate combat against any Descendant ship for the specified number of combat turns, then return the logs to complete the mission.

Increases Dominance factor


A Civilian ship is acting suspiciously. We require someone to monitor the ship to follow it for at least an hour. A log entry will be created for you each time the ship changes position - make sure to keep up.

Increases Vigilance factor

Monster Hunt

Family Drakan engineers have been reported in the enclosed system attempting to fortify the position. Destroy the engineer before a base can be established.

Increases Dominance factor

Nebula Neutralise

The enclosed radiogenic nebula is causing issues for local ships. Mine all periodic group 19 commodities from the nebula to exhaust all of the radiogenic particles, resulting in a new and safer nebula classification.

Decreases Tension factor

Neutrino Map

When accepting this mission, a proton accelerator consumable will be added to your hold. Scientists wish to study the effects of a neutrino beam on various spatial anomalies, the consumable will do this automatically. Visit the bodies listed to power the accelerator and run the tests, each new body will charge the accelerator further creating a larger and larger neutrino burst when used, which can be at any point after the first body is visited. However, the accelerator may run its tests and be destroyed in the process when you visit a body. A side effect of the neutrino burst is that sensors can track the wave guide readings to detect any other anomalies in the area. The bigger the pulse, the further the detection range, with anything found noted in your faction log and added to faction discoveries.

Increases Confidence factor

Special reward: A chance to discover nearby anomalies.

No Cap

Exotic capsules are required by the Asteroid Bar for trade and reclamation. Deliver ten exotic capsules in exchange for one legendary capsule.

Decreases Reasoning factor

Owed Debt

The Dark Oriam choose to restitute a debt of souls. Kill the enclosed lesser and in exchange we will wipe any debt you have with the Dark Oriam.

Decreases Warmth factor

Special reward: Souls debt will be cleared.

Pecora Hunter

Weapon telemetry is required for sniper rifles to aid in new designs. Various small targets from the Pecora genus have been selected as targets. Hunt and kill the number specified for each.

Decreases Warmth factor

Physical History

Find and deliver the specified number of meteor fragments to help understand the history and formation of local planets.

Decreases Reasoning factor

Pigeon Shooting

Family Samsan engineers have been reported in the enclosed system attempting to fortify the position. Destroy the engineer before a base can be established.

Increases Dominance factor

Pistol Whip

Weapon telemetry is required for designing new types of pistol and pistol ammunition. Hunt the specified number of unarmored wildlife and send the data when collected.

Decreases Flexibility factor


To aid the local art community, various visual scans of the following local bodies types are required. Visit and orbit the body types listed to complete the mission.

Increases Imagination factor

Power Level

The Junk Yard would like to stock up on specific power structure components. Deliver the list of components to complete the mission.

Decreases Sensitivity factor

Special reward: Upgrades all power structures in the system.

Public Transport

There are passengers in need of travel that cannot afford the cost. Transport at least 16 passengers to complete the mission. While the mission is active, all passenger travel profit will be zero. You will require passenger accommodation to complete this mission.

Increases Warmth factor

Pure Material

Deliver the requested pure commodities to aid in construction.

Decreases Sensitivity factor

Special reward: Rewards a random pure commodity.

Quick Favour

Take the personal delivery to the specified location as a free favour.

Decreases Boldness factor


The Outlander presence in the area is becoming overwhelming. Destroy every Outlander you find within a 20 LY radius. The mission will complete once 100 Outlander ships have been destroyed.

Decreases Apprehension factor

Rat Infestation

An infestation of rats is causing issues on local worlds, bringing disease everywhere they go. Hunt and kill the specified number of rats of the enclosed type to claim your reward.

Increases Dominance factor

Raw Material

Deliver the requested raw commodities to aid in construction.

Decreases Sensitivity factor


To better understand the local area to aid in colonial growth we seek charting of the specified planet types. The reward will be granted automatically when charting completes.

Increases Flexibility factor

Scan (Human only)

Visit systems owned by the listed factions to gather intel on behalf of TransGov. The mission will automatically update upon arrival of the system.

Increases Vigilance factor

Secret Shopper

To better understand the local competition, sample the listed number of food and drinks from any system to aid in competitive research.

Decreases Obedience factor


Travel to the enclosed system and defend the Civilian Guild mining operation from possible Outlander attack. Spending a total of 60 minutes in the same system and having at least one mining role vessel survive, will automatically complete the mission.

Decreases Dominance factor

Shady Business

Illegal cargo is required to be recovered and ejected at the specified coordinates.

Decreases Vigilance factor

Shotgun Pull

The enclosed bird is causing issues in the local area by decimating populations of small mammals. Hunt and kill the specified number and type of bird to claim your reward.

Increases Liveliness factor

Slave Driver

Descendant Family Robar are well known for their use of slaves. Send a message about their ways by stealing slaves from their ships. Add the extract special card to your combat deck and use it to steal slaves and place them in biostasis pods. Deliver the rescued slaves to us and we will rehabilitate them.

Increases Warmth factor


Spot the requested number of ships with illegal fitted ports or illegal structures. The information gathered will help improve the Transitional Governments intelligence reports.

Increases Obedience factor

Speed Racer

To help design and optimise afterburner designs, we require telemetry from ships travelling at faster than usual speeds. Achieve a sublight speed of at least 0.75 lightyears a minute for the duration specified to complete the mission.

Increases Boldness factor

Speed Running

An urgent shipment of Sodium-24 is required for medical purposes. The Sodium-24 will decay in your hold at a rate of 1 Mg per day. Deliver at least 1 Mg to the destination to complete the mission.

Increases Tension factor

Squad Goals

To better refine communication methods in squad centric combat, it is required for you to complete combat turns while part of a squad.

Decreases Confidence factor

Stable Reaction

To better design reactive countermeasures and reactive technology, we require information to be gathered. Within live combat play the number of reactive cards listed in the mission brief.

Increases Stability factor

Starry Eyed

Observations are required of local stars of different types for scientific study.

Decreases Liveliness factor


We, the Descendants, are seeking to increase the stockpiling of a specific weapon. Locate the specified weapon and sell it at any Descendant merchant.

Increases Confidence factor

Stone Wall

Deliver the requested precious stones.

Increases Sensitivity factor

System Seed

The Civilian Guild is in need of builders to seed a system in preparation for engineers that have be waylaid. Build the listed structures on the specified body on behalf of the Civilian Guild. Once all structures have been built, ownership will automatically transfer.

Decreases Sensitivity factor

Temple Run

Collect medicines from the specified Temple and deliver them to an awaiting Temple.

Increases Warmth factor


An Outlander has raided a storage structure for cargo and is now attempting to flee the area at high speed. Their last known location is included, track them down and destroy them.

Decreases Warmth factor


Deliver passengers to the specified Black Market, the reward will increase for each passenger delivered while the mission is active. Once at least one passenger is delivered you can choose to claim your reward. If you do not claim the reward before the mission expires, the contact at the Black Market will no longer be contactable and you will receive no reward. To take part in this mission you will require passenger accommodation and will need to collect passengers.

Decreases Warmth factor

Turf n' Turf

Locate, hunt and deliver the specified meats for the chef.

Increases Liveliness factor

Undiscovered System

The Space Observatory has potentially found an undiscovered system, but requires a ship to investigate and confirm. Once the deposit is paid, the coordinates will be divulged and the potential solar system can be investigated. Once the system has been scanned, communicate your findings to complete the mission.

Increases Flexibility factor

Unspent Loads

Combat has been taking place at the enclosed coordinates. Unspent ammunitions, mines and mine parts have been detected. Recover the cargo listed to complete the mission.

Increases Perfectionism factor

Special reward: Cargo recovered can be kept.


Outlanders have been spotted in the local area. Destroy the specified number of their ships to complete the mission.

Increases Dominance factor

Winning Odds

We need to ascertain how our competitors have setup the winning odds on their slot machines. Play and win at least 10 times on a competitors slot machines and return with the results.

Increases Liveliness factor