TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


All structures in TextSpaced are manned by crewa, these crew have different professions that serve different functions, allowing you to undertake various actions. Different professions of crew are found within different structures relevant to the structure type. For instance you will find traders within a Merchant Station but soldiers within a fortress. A crews profession dictates what types of missions that can issue.

You can build affinity with crew members and ultimately hire them to become part of your ship crew (this feature is still in development) once your affinity is high enough. Affinity can be raised by completing missions the crew member provides. If the provided mission fails or expires you will lose both affinity with the crew member and karma with the faction the crew member belongs to.

There is always a mission to complete.

Accepting a Mission

You can accept missions by visiting any structure, docking and selecting the option labelled 'missions'. You will be presented with a list of professions the crew of the structure posses and selecting a profession will give you an overview of the crew member with that profession. The overview shows your the crew member name, level, the perk they bring as part of a crew as well as your current affinity with the crew member. Selecting to request a mission will result in the crew member issuing you a mission for you to complete. The affinity of the crew member contributes to the difficultly of the mission proportional to your skills and ship. The missions created are procedural in nature, this makes them abundant with many variations meaning there is always a mission to complete.

All missions expire after 1 week if not otherwise stated, which will result in affinity lose with the crew member.


When completing a mission you will always be issued with a credit reward, affinity with the crew member will rise, karma with the faction the crew member belongs to will also rise as well as gaining rep with the crews faction. Additionally however, a crew member may give you an extra reward on top of the normal rewards for a job well done. These extra rewards are usually related to the mission but can also include component recipes for your faction.


Crew members belong to a faction, completing missions for the crew member will not only raise your karma with the faction but also helps supply the faction. For instance, if a crew member issues a mission to deliver the metal commodity they have done so as their faction requires metal. Completing this metal delivery mission will add the metal to the factions stockpiles, this applies to all missions such as delivering ports, ship parts and consumables. Some missions are also based on karma, meaning the crew member has issued the mission as their faction has bad karma or is at war with another faction, this includes missions such as bounty missions or hacking missions.


Affinity is the scale of how much a crew member likes you, with a higher affinity level resulting in a higher chance you will be able to recruit the crew member. Named affinities are brackets of different affinity levels. From best to worst the affinity levels are descried as:

  • Devoted
  • Affectionate
  • Caring
  • Loyal
  • Welcoming
  • Friendly
  • Receptive
  • Familiar
  • Cordial
  • Amiable
  • Civil
  • Indifferent


An unlimited number of missions can be accepted from crew members limited to a single active mission per crew member, so it's best to accept a few in a local area so you can complete multiple missions at once.

If you wish to build relations with a specific faction, completing missions for the crew at their structures is an easy way to do this, helping you forge alliances quicker.