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Horizon Heavy Industries

Admiral Iwain (#81D9-59BD)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Faction: Horizon Heavy Industries

Overall Level: 1502.67


Signets (Operations)

  • Access to gen 2 operations role ships
  • Recognised officers attire that passively generates rep with Descendants
  • Command crew level faster
  • Command crew hired receive a skill boost
  • You can give enlisted ships direct orders of eject cargo, start combat, report and retreat
  • You can access Signets capsules (can contain random rare loot)
Signets Muted

Signets Muted (Extremely Common)

For cases where a formal uniform is not required, the muted uniform is a far more subtle option.

The uniform is more rigid providing structure for if the wearer will be on their feet for an extended period of time.

It is all black with leather patches on the shoulders, arms, elbow and covering the vital zones of the chest. It features subtle gold piping across the chest as geometric lines and down the legs.


Iwain was born on a backwater planet Aura 3 in a distant arm of the Galaxy. As a child, Iwain enjoyed spending time exploring the rugged surface of the planet and dreaming about far-off worlds. His parents taught him the value of hard work and self-reliance, and he devoted himself to learning of the science of space travel and honing his skills as a pilot.

His dreams eventually became reality when he was accepted into the highly prestigious Interstellar Academy. During his time at the Academy, Iwain excelled in his studies and rose to the top of his graduating class. He was also determined to stretch his skills even further by becoming a top-notch fighter pilot. After finishing at the Academy, Iwain was selected to join the Space Fleet and found himself assigned to a long-range exploratory mission in an uncharted region of space.

Now Iwain is a well-seasoned explorer and combat veteran. He is a leader among his peers, and is respected by his superiors.

Although he is courageous and steadfast in the face of danger, he is generally cautious and safety- centric, by trying to avoid all unnecessary risks. He is also known for his quick thinking and problem-solving skills, which have saved him and his crew from certain disaster on many occasions. With nearly a decade of experience under his belt, Iwain is still looking forward to what each new day spent in space will bring.


Iwain was born and lived in a distant colony of Aura 3, owned by an unknown faction. While growing up, Iwain was educated in the traditional Auritan teachings and ways, something which he always found deeply inspiring. Although Iwain was content living in the colony, something always told him that he was destined for something more.

At the age of eighteen, Iwain decided to take his chances and leave the safety of the colony. He traveled far, seeking fortune and adventure across the stars. Finally, his travels brought him to the bustling and vibrant space station of Horizon Heavy Industries. Where spurred by their bold ideas, grand ambitions, and valiant spirit he felt at ease and finally found a place to call home.

At Horizon Heavy Industries he was instantly welcomed into the fold. Iwain quickly began to make a name for himself within the faction due to his previous education in Auritan teachings, as well as for his dedication and hard work.

As time went on, Iwain moved up the ranks to become one of the leading figures of the faction,, where his experiences and contribution eventually allowed Horizon Heavy Industries to become a powerful force in its region of space, with their name being well known even universe-wide.

Today, Iwain is one of the faction's most experienced and respected members, and it all began with his chance decision to leave the safety of the colony of Aura 3 many years ago.


Long-Haired Tiger


A long-haired tiger found in temperate climates.

Saber-toothed Jaguar


A Jaguar most commonly found on giant planets.

Grand Bear


A large bear and dangerous bear found on giant planets.

Snow Lion

Very Rare

A lion indigenous to glacial mountains.

Special Equipment

Player has no special equipment.


  • Aerodynamics
  • Aerogens Yield
  • Antiquarian
  • Arc Reducer
  • Archaeologist
  • Artist
  • Assault Rifle Proficiency
  • Attack Craft
  • Autocannon Proficiency
  • Bio Reducer
  • Bombardier
  • Carbine Proficiency
  • Combat Miner
  • Construction Craft
  • Credible
  • Damage Control
  • Dealer
  • Defence Craft
  • Ecologist
  • Energy Melee Proficiency
  • Extraordinary Rendition
  • Field Medic
  • Firewall
  • Five-finger Discount
  • Gatherer
  • Gauss Rifle Proficiency
  • Grass
  • Hacking
  • Hero Shot
  • Hunter
  • Inspirational
  • Interior Designer
  • Jetsam
  • Logistics Craft
  • Melee Proficiency
  • Metallurgist
  • Mining Craft
  • No Man Left Behind
  • Nonmetal Yield
  • Nuclear Reducer
  • Operations Craft
  • Pistol Proficiency
  • Portjack
  • Precious Yield
  • PsiCharmer
  • Rad Yield
  • Reality Composer
  • Recon Craft
  • Refurbisher
  • Scavenger
  • Shield Specialist
  • Shotgun Proficiency
  • Siren
  • Sniper Rifle Proficiency
  • Speedster
  • Support Craft
  • Tactician
  • Torpedo Master
  • Totem
  • Tracker
  • Transport Craft
  • Travelling Merchant
  • Yellow Belly

Ships Owned

  • Ark
  • Baron
  • Bulwark Mk II
  • Capital G2
  • Colony
  • Consonance Mk V
  • Engineer
  • Enhanced Carrier
  • Enhanced Gunboat
  • Enhanced Scout
  • Enhanced Shuttle
  • Enhanced Terraformer
  • Escort
  • Explorer
  • Flagship
  • Glitch Mk V
  • Leister
  • Mammoth
  • Outrider Mk VII
  • Pathfinder
  • Prestige Mk V
  • Serf
  • Shadow Mk I
  • Super Tanker
  • Voyager Mk I


  • First player to realise the Combat Miner skill.
  • First player to sell over 10 items as a Travelling Merchant.