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Admiral Iwain (#81D9-59BD)

Race: Human, Gender: Male

Faction: Rifthaven

Starting out as a simple pact for mutual assistance and protection between seven Captains, Rifthaven soon formalised itself into a unified front as our reach began to reach across the stars. Though not without turmoil and struggle, we seek now to better ourselves and enrich the universe. Our continuing mission to explore the sea of stars, discover new technology and wonders. To create new ways to synergise existing and new advances, to make the universe a more welcoming place to explore. Each day a new venture, as we step forth and chart our own path through the stars.
  • Antiquarian
  • Attack Craft
  • Combat Miner
  • Construction Craft
  • Defence Craft
  • Gatherer
  • Logistics Craft
  • Mining Craft
  • Operations Craft
  • Precious Yield
  • Recon Craft
  • Siren
  • Support Craft
  • Transport Craft