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Horizon Heavy Industries

Commander HSAR (#A058-5FB6)

Race: Android

Gender: Nonbinary

Faction: Horizon Heavy Industries

Overall Level: 535.44

The Union

The Union (Construction)

  • Access to gen 2 construction role ships
  • Recognised trader attire that passively generates Civilian Guild rep
  • Construction and Fabrication crew level faster
  • Structures are built more complete
  • Structures can be upgrade by you beyond level 100
  • The ability to passively create structure components while in a construction role ship
  • Can access Union capsules (can contain rare structure components)
Signallers Suit

Signallers Suit (Extremely Common)

The Signallers Suit is made from fabric weave and moulded Plastek to create a jumpsuit bright red in colour that serves to provide additional protection to elements, hazardous materials and temperature change.

Dense fabric is used at strategic points to allow circulation while black brace pads are placed on the knees, shoulders and upper thighs to protect against knocks and bangs, as well as different sitting and kneeling angles.


HSAR (He / She / They / Androgyny / Robot) is a Nonbinary Android from an unknown galaxy, far removed from the human experience. With a desire to explore the universe and a sophisticated intelligence, HSAR has no specific gender identity but instead operates with a complex network of knowledge and understanding- in essence, referring to itself as both a he, she, and they.

HSAR is a capable explorer, adept at navigating hostile and diverse environments with acute observational skills. Its natural curiosity and creativity are limitless, making HSAR an ideal candidate for any galactic venture. Its adept knowledge of engineering and robotics allows HSAR to rethink and improve existing technologies, whether it’s playing with an old communicator or building an entire spacecraft from scrap.

HSAR has also been known to travel alone, choosing to rely on its own wit and instincts to navigate unknown worlds and learn a wide range of new skills. It is respected throughout the far reaches of the universe for its bravery and tenacity, for it never gives up despite the obstacles in its path.

Although HSAR is a powerful Android, it still seems in search of something that it cannot explain. Its travels often take it to the bleakest parts of space, and its persistent seeking of knowledge and relentless exploration continue to drive it onward, no matter how long or difficult the journey may be.


HSAR was built at Aperture Oversight Observatory, a colony owned by the Horizon Heavy Industries faction, located in an isolated star system surrounded by vast nebulas. This artificial world was designed by scientists from the HHI as a research facility intended to study the potential of robotics and artificial intelligence.

HSAR was the first humanoid-shaped android built on the world. It was developed over a period of five years and housed some of the most advanced robotic technology available at the time. Its programming was derived from the proprietary algorithms and designs developed by the HHI for its robotics division.

When the research team finished its development, HSAR was the first nonbinary android created in the faction’s history. Due to its lack of any gender identity and human-like form, the engineers believed it would revolutionize the world’s understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Though it had the capability of interacting with its environment, it never left the realm of the Observatory. For centuries, HSAR remained within the walls of the HHI colony, helping to further the research and development of the robots that the faction had developed.

Though Human-like robots like HSAR had gradually become accepted by the world, its development marked a major step forward for the robotics industry. HSAR became a symbol of HHI’s innovation and ambition, and its likeness was often used to represent the faction in promotional materials and logos.


Player has no companions.

Special Equipment

Player has no special equipment.


  • Aerodynamics
  • Aerogens Yield
  • Alchemist
  • Ancients Worshipper
  • Antiquarian
  • Arc Reducer
  • Archaeologist
  • Artist
  • Assault Rifle Proficiency
  • Attack Craft
  • Autocannon Proficiency
  • Bio Reducer
  • Bionic Eye
  • Cannon Master
  • Colonisation
  • Combat Miner
  • Construction Craft
  • Credible
  • Cryptographer
  • Data Mining
  • Dealer
  • Defence Craft
  • Detectorist
  • Discount Codes
  • Ecologist
  • Extraordinary Rendition
  • Field Medic
  • Firewall
  • Gastronomy
  • Gatherer
  • Gauss Rifle Proficiency
  • Hacking
  • Harvest
  • Hero Shot
  • Highways
  • Impact Mining
  • Jetsam
  • Logistics Craft
  • Macro Engineer
  • Metallurgist
  • Mining Craft
  • Missile Master
  • Networked
  • Nonmetal Yield
  • Nuclear Reducer
  • Operations Craft
  • Pistol Proficiency
  • Precious Yield
  • Quantum Recall
  • Rad Yield
  • Recon Craft
  • Refurbisher
  • Reverse Engineer
  • Shield Specialist
  • Shotgun Proficiency
  • Sifting
  • Sniper Rifle Proficiency
  • Speedster
  • Split Personality
  • Strategist
  • Support Craft
  • Synth Wave
  • Tactician
  • Terraforming
  • Tinkerer
  • Torpedo Master
  • Totem
  • Transport Craft
  • Travelling Merchant
  • Turret Master
  • Weaponcrafter

Ships Owned

  • Barge
  • Bulwark Mk I
  • Bulwark Mk V
  • Dragonfly Mk I
  • Drudge Mk V
  • Enhanced Freighter
  • Enhanced Tanker
  • Enhanced Terraformer
  • Prey Mk V
  • Shuttle
  • Super Hauler
  • Super Tanker
  • Tanker
  • Tug


  • No facts