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Agent Moquator

The Black Flame

Exiled from my home world, questioning all i had believed to be true, alone with fragments from the ancient archives i began to wonder what had mankind done to fall from the paradise of ancient earth? slowly, it became clear.. History is riddled with the failure of the conceited faithful, the powerful god fearing elite. with growing excitement i learnt tales of the adversary, lucifer, morningstar, a powerful force within ourselves. My course was set: ahead of me, a voyage of questioning established order and getting into the universes darkest corners. I will not be bowed.
  • #3 Anarchist
  • #3 Commander
  • #5 Craftsman
  • #2 Demolitions
  • #4 Engineer
  • #3 Entrepreneur
  • #9 Explorer
  • #5 Fighter
  • #5 Freelancer
  • #2 Marksman
  • #7 Miner
  • #3 Strategist
  • #4 Trader
  • #4 Vigilante