TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.

Preferences / Settings

UI Sound Effects

In the UI sound effects section you can change volume settings to increase/decrease the volume levels of the UI and Sound effects.

Music Settings

The music settings is where you can change the volume settings for the Music within the game.

Disable Video

Disabling the video, from here you can turn off or turn on the video that plays in the game if you do not want to have the visuals.

Invite Code

The invite section is for if you are wanting to invite a friend to the game, this is where you will get a code that you can give them to join your faction.


The patreon section is here for if you enjoy the game and want to support the development, you can make donations and/or subscribe for in-game perks. Please note that Patrons will NOT get any in-game advantages over other players. There are several tiers of membership where you can get different levels of rewards.


Patrons can download game data logs about the players game and faction. Logs include: Combat Logs, Faction Discoveries, Personal Log, Profit Log and Factions Logs. These are provided in a CSV file.


The API section is where you will get a code in which you can access the TextSpaced backend API. Using the TextSpaced API will allow you to run your own routines that may not be available directly in the game. It allows for gathering game data and playing the game programmatically.


The support section is for how to contact the developers or community for help or support. There is also an invite to the TextSpaced Discord where you can talk about the game with the community. You can also delete your account from this section.


The credits for the game which include those people who have worked or contributed to the game.

If you need to logout of the game for whatever reason, you can do that from here. You will automatically be logged out if you login on another device or browser.