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The APC is a heavily armoured transport vessel for moving crew. Traditionally it is used by both the Descendants and the Transitional Government as prison ships, but it's massive shield grid and thick shock resistance armour make it a good static defender of sectors. The armour it carries is so dense that it effects its speed and the APC can only jump at a range of 20 LYs at a time.

Availability: Descendants, TransGov.

Shield: 10,000 ZWs

Hull: 5,000 GPa

Ports: 6

Auxiliary Weapons: 0

Speed: 150Mm/h

FTL Range: 20 LYs

FTL Charge Time: 10 minutes

Hold: 10 Mgs

Crew Quarters: 18

Customisable Rooms: 8

Bays: 1

Can Land: Yes

Ship Docking: No

Cost: 595,000 credits

Skill Requirement: Strategist 5.000 or above

Perk: Shock Immunity
Has a passive immunity to shock damage.