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Baron G2

The generation two Baron is similar to the first generation but increase the ships defences and power availability as well as some additional hold space. The Baron is the perfect fit for those that want to trade in the frontier away from prying eyes.

Availability: Civilian Guild

Tier: 1

Shield: 500 ZWs

Hull: 400 GPa

Power: 13.9 ZWs

Speed: 0.30 LY/m

FTL Range: 30 LYs

FTL Charge Time: 1 minutes

Maximum Fuel: 200.0 LYs

Hold: 200 Mgs

Customisable Rooms: 2

Bays: 1

Can Land: Yes

Ship Docking: No

Length: 268 m

Width: 141 m

Decks: 4

Cost: 215,000 credits

Skill Requirement: Travelling Merchant 10.

Crew Requirement: 1

Guild Requirement: Merchant Guild.

Passive Perk: Trading
Ships with the trading perk can operate as travelling merchants selling ports they have acquired.

Trading Role

Trading role ships temporarily increase your trading modifier by 10%.

Starter Cards

[DEFENCE] Reactor Burn: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Speed: +20%.

[SPECIAL] Smoke Screen: Creates a smoke screen that slows all opposing ships.


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