TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


The tactical screen shows the information about the system and location you are currently orbiting. It shows if the system is owned by your faction and whether combat in the system is accepted. From here you can work on your combat strategies and other tactical objectives.


Cards are what are used in spatial combat. You have a deck of cards that are in "play" from within combat, and a deck of owned cards that are available to you that you can switch out to your playing card deck to help your play style.

  • Current Deck - These cards are the ones you have manually chosen to have in your pack that is used in a war scenario against other players or NPCs. The rest of the deck will be filled out with other random owned cards. From here you can add and remove cards that are available to you.
  • Owned Cards - A list of all the cards you own for use in battle, these are the cards available to add to your Current Deck selection. The cards have different abilities which are broken down into categories Reactive, Attack, Defence and Special cards.

Combat Practice

  • Sim Scenarios - You can practice your combat from here without having to lose all your goods and live to see another day. Test your skills and whether your current card deck works for you.
  • Combat Challenge - If there are any challenges for real combat, they will show here. You will have to defeat a ship at a location in as few turns as possible. The outcome of the challenges will be shown in a weekly high scoreboard and the winner each week will receive something special.

Current Battles

Current battles show lists of any battles that are currently happening in the area. You will be able to see which factions are currently in battle, locations, the distance from your location, and how long ago the battle commenced. From here you can Engage to the heart of the battle.

Ship Information

Within the ship information you can see a high quality image of what ship you are currently piloting with a break down of the ships information, including its health, power usage, bays, etc.

From here you can also see the weapons you have fitted to your ship along with any other equipment. The weapons you have fitted here will be used in combat, each weapon will have their own damage type effects.

The equipment you have fitted here will give your ship extra boosts to its basic build. In some cases it could for example, speed up the ship, or give your ship extra hold space.

You can sell or unfit weapons and equipment from here also to change the ship to your requirements.

Ship Statistics

Ths ships statistics show the current ships statistics in more detail. The statistics available include:

  • Bays - amount of bays available in ship
  • Can Bay Dock - can current ship dock with a larger ship
  • Can Land - details on if ship lands on planets or not
  • Charge Rate - ships charge over time
  • Cost - current cost of the ship
  • Crew Requirement - how many crew are needed to run the ship
  • Engines - the engines state/power
  • Defences - the defence state/power
  • Internal Systems - the internal systems state/power
  • Light Drive - the light drive state/power
  • Maximum Hold - maximum amount the ship can carry
  • Maximum Fuel - maximum amount of fuel the ship can use
  • Maximum Range - maximum range the ship can travel in FTL
  • Rooms - amount of rooms on the ship
  • Sublight Speed - the speed the ship can travel in Sublight
  • Shield Recharge Rate - the rate in which the shield recharges over time.

Some of the ship abilities and statistics can be manipulated by the fitting of equipment.

Docked Ships

In the docked ships section you will find a list of all the docked ships that you have stowed within this current ship that you can undock and then command. Any ships you have docked will be lost if you lose your main ship in battle.


If you have any rooms fitted to your ship, they will show up here. Rooms provide areas to research specific areas. They can provide training opportunities for specific skills which can be performed as idle activities, or passive training for your crew (or both). Rooms can be fitted for a cost from the Ship Room Fitting Services if the service is available in the current system.


If there are any squads active, they will appear here in the squads section. You will be able to create or join squads from here to do certain tasks or missions. Sometimes missions or tasks can be quite hard or take a while to do when you are solo, so being part of a squad will help you to do them faster/safer. You can also communicate privately with your squad members via Comms squad channel.