TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


The tactical window is access by clicking your ship name next to your portrait, or on smaller screen devices selecting the tactical option.

This window centers around your ship and combat both of yourself and generally occurring in the universe.

At the top of the window you will see the planet type you are ordering, whether combat is against the rules as set by the system owner (where applicable), your exact location and if you are in a faction systems. It is important to know if you are in a faction system, as, if you enter combat or are attach you will have support from system structures.


Ship is the most important section as it gives you a complete tactical overview of your ship. Firstly, it provides the description, name and role of your ship. After this it will provide the tactical statistics of your ship. This includes your current shield and hull status, available power, current fuel levels, current FTL charge level and finally how many of your bays are being used. Shield and hull status and entirely for combat purposes and when you hull reaches zero you will be destroyed. Fuel is used for sublight travel as well as charging your FTL drive. The amount of charge shown is how far your FTL drive can send you from one system to another.


Any ports (equipment or weapons) fitted to your ship will be shown in the ports section. You can see the ports details by clicking its name as well as repair or unfit the port as required. Repairing requires you to be in a system with the ship repair service, and unfitting the port fitting service. Unfitting a port will place the port in your hold and increase the available power of your ship.

Graphs are also shown for weapons indicating how much damage your load-out will do to shields and hull each turn, since weapons have a specific reload time in turns.

Docked Ships

If you have any docked ships in your bays you can view them from this section. You can click the ships name to views its details or use the contextual option to undock the ship releasing it from your bay.


Combat in TextSpaced is turn-based and card-based. In the cards section you can see your currently defined deck and view cards you own which you can add to your deck. Your current deck is specific to the ship you are currently in should be a total of 25 cards. If you do not add 25 cards to your deck, the remaining are random chosen from your owned cards when combat starts.

To add cards to your deck, press the deck builder open in the current deck group which will load a new screen. From here you can add available cards to your current deck by pressing the green plus button. Cards can be removed from your current deck by pressing the red dustbin icon. A full combat guide is available if you wish to learn everything abotu combat, however for the most part you simply have to choose the cards to play each turn and everything else will be automatic by default.

Battles & SOS

If any battles are occurring in the universe they will be listed in the battles group. You can see which two factions are involved, the location, distance from you and when the battle started. An engage button is available if you choose you want to go and take part in the battle. If a battle is occurring at your location, attacking either faction involved will place you in the battle session as only one battle ever happens per position or system.

You can also view recent SOS signals that have been sent, this includes seeing who the attacking faction is, the defending faction, the location with distance and when the SOS signal was sent. Again, an engage button is available if you decide to respond.


The squads section allows you to view squads you can join as well as create a squad. A squad is an ad-hoc group where once in a squad you will always be able to see other squad members positions and navigate to them. More importantly, any time a squad member attacks a target or a squad member is attacked all squad members will automatically join the battle. This makes squads useful for both aggressive motives but also defensive.


Ship patches can be obtained and used to temporarily change an attribute or trait of your ship. If you have patches active, they will be shown in this patches section along with their description and when they expire.

Pens & Rooms

If you have any pens or rooms installed on your ship, they will show in this section. You can view the details of the rooms and pens as well as unfit them as required, provided you are in a system with the room fitting service. Rooms provide facilities for you and your crew to train as well as other passive benefits such as increasing morale. Pens are used to transport wildlife you capture during hunting.

If you are in a generational ship, you can view how many people are in general quarters onboard your ship.

Combat Practice

The combat practice section allows you to practice combat in simulation mode, meaning you will not lose or gain anything from the outcmoe of the battle. A number if scenarios can be selected from the sim scenarios group and simulation combat can be stopped at any time once started.

You can also take part in a combat challenge, which is different each week. In a combat challenge you attempt to destroy the set target as quickly as possible. There are rewards granted for the top ten highest scores; the highest will receive a legendary capsule, the top five an exotic capsule and the rest a rare capsule. You can also see what the current top scores are for this week.