TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


TextSpaced is primarily a faction based game, and creating and maintaining a strong faction has many intrinsic benefits. Although pirating is a viable option, creating a base is often a safer and more secure future.

To create a sustainable faction you must expand it claiming sectors allowing the construction of structures. There are many different roles of structures to help in expanding your faction from mining facilities to support like structures, defence platforms and storage facilities. Gaining blueprints for all different types of structures will provide the means to begin expanding your empire, building in unclaimed space.

When starting the game the usual route of progression is to first built a hideout to store commodities, using its personal storage. From here you can build a mining platform which will deposit commodities mined into faction storage. Faction storage can be expanded by either storage facilities or silos and should be built after construction of mining facilitates so commodities can begin to stockpile. From here the universe is your oyster, and you can begin creating bigger and better structures as well as expanding into new sector.

Many of the structures in TextSpaced provide supporting functions to a faction, such as an armoury which can store and enhance faction weapons or trading structures which can generate profit. First understanding the different structure roles and then creating a strong a profitable infrastructure will help your faction proper.