TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.


There are many different types of crafting within TextSpaced, some of which require master skills to perform with others available to anyone with the correct equipment.

PortsRequires port crafting module

Port crafting can be performed with the port crafting module fitted to your ship. To begin you must obtain parts from merchants by purchasing part crates. Once you have at least one of each type of part you can visit the crafting menu and select port crafting to begin. Port crafting requires you to complete a recipe which consists of a core, launcher, mount and modifier. To add a part to a recipe, view the recipe and choose the option to browse parts of the relevant type. Once you have found a part that seems good you can choose to the option to use it.

Once a recipe is complete a craft port button will appear which can be used to craft the port which may be either a weapon or piece of equipment. The port will be crafted and fitted to your ship. If you have no free ports on your ship you will not be able to craft the port.

Port crafting is non deterministic and results will vary not only on the parts used, but external factors like your skill levels and ship type and condition. The higher your skill, the less variation there is in this however.

SuppliesRequires a hydroponics module

Crafting supplies using the hydroponics module is the most basic form of crafting in the game. It simply requires organic commodities in your hold to operate and can be used to create supplies on demand. This is useful if you plan to head into the frontier away from civilisation for extended periods or when completing some deep space expedition missions.

BotanicsRequires a personal structure

With either a hideout or palace you can plant botanic consumables you have gathered throughout the game, including but not limited to charting planets. Farming uses cells to plant the consumables and you can mix and match any botanics in each cell as required. Planting the same botanic in a cell and different ones yields different results. Farming is a time-based activity and when the planted botanics have flourished you will be noticed of the result, which will be a single new consumable added to your inventory.

ShipsRequires Shipwright master skill

The Shipwright master skill allows you to craft new ships from parts, this is done by salvaging or purchasing ship parts and then using these to complete a recipe. A ship recipe is split into 2 parts, an internal recipe and external recipe. Much like port crafting, you should complete both recipes with parts in your possession - once you have an option to send the recipes to your faction shipwrights will become available. It can take several days for a shipwright to respond about your success or failure.

If the recipe is successful a new ship will be available to just your faction at your factions shipwrights, under the faction ships option when buying ships. The leader of the faction can also decide to add the ship to general sale, meaning any other captain visiting your shipwrights can purchase it for three times the price.

SeedsRequires terraforming master skill

Seeds can be crafted to terraform planets with the terraforming master skill. To create seeds you must have several different ingredients in your hold which can be purchased from mining platforms. If you also a mining master skill, you can mine for some of the ingredients also. The mix of ingredients in your hold dictates which plans you can use to create different seeds, different mixes should be tried for different results. The plans can be viewed within the terraforming menu of crafting.

BombsRequires SpecOps Commander master skill

With the SpecOps Commander master skill you can craft bombs to place on ships or structures. Crafting bombs is much the same process as port crafting where you must complete a recipe with parts that can be purchased from asteroid bars. The recipe includes a payload, detonator and modifier. Unlike port crafting however, bomb making is deterministic, and using the same recipe will always produce the same type of bomb. With bombs crafting you can then place them on structures or ships by scanning them and choosing the relevant option.

IntelRequires Fixer master skill

A fixer can craft fabricated intel to be used to manipulate karma between two different factions or their own faction. To do this the Fixer must scan faction ships and structures to gain intel threads. With enough threads the fixer can use them by visiting the crafting menu and select 'intel' to craft it. The higher the amount of intel threads gathered, the more powerful the intel.

Expert ModifiersRequires Weaponsmith master skill

As part of the weapon smith master skill, an additional perk in the form of a sub skill known as ‘gunsmith’ is unlocked. This allows the gunsmith to create expert modifiers from commodities which can be used to augment weapons or sold on a specialist market for expert modifiers.

To augment or customise a weapon, visit the tactical menu and choose to review your ports. From here you will have an option to customise the weapon, you can use any compatible expert modifier in your possession with each one providing some sort of augmentation or customisation which can range from simple stat improvements to complete overhauls, such as changing the weapon type or perk.

Consumables & Components

By finding or otherwise obtaining recipes you can craft consumables and components. Consumables are items to be used that have specific effects, components can be used in further recipes. Since recipes are usually rewards by crew members for completing difficult missions, the recipes are often hard to come by and can give you a distinctive edge.

Commodities & IngredientsRequires the relevant speciality

With various faction specialities, a refinery can be refitted to instead replicate commodities or ingredients to use for sale or construction. These range from common things like metal commodities to more exotic thigns like Free Anti-Matter or Zero Point Energy.

DrinksRequires the entertainers speciality

With the entertainers speciality drinks can be crafted to be sold at all faction bars, restaurants and other applicable structures for high profit margins. Additionally its possible (but difficult) to craft famous drinks, that if you manage to create are sold throughout the universe as your exclusive signature drink.

Mechs can be crafted with suitable design rooms for the captain to use in ground combat. Mechs range in size and statistics, ranging from small but agile mechs to large but hardy mechs.

MechsRequires relevant traits

Mechs can be crafted with suitable design rooms for the captain to use in ground combat. Mechs range in size and statistics, ranging from small but agile mechs to large but hardy mechs.

Personal WeaponsRequires relevant traits

Personal weapons can be crafted of 8 different types ranging from sidearms to sniper rifles. Personal weapons vary greatly and often have distinct perks. These weapons are used in ground combat replacing a captains usual Star Pistol sidearm.