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The crafting window contains options to craft items, instruct factories, review and load crafting recipes as well as review lines that have been researched by your faction. Listed at the top of this window are whether fabrication (creating structure components), port crafting (creating equipment or weapons), port customisation (changing the attributes or ports) and ship crafting (finding recipes for new ships) can be performed in the current faction system.


A full guide on crafting is available, but generally the craft section will show equipment parts, ship parts and weapon parts that are in the current system armoury structures which you can use to attempt to craft items.

If you have realised skills which provide additional forms crafting such as for food and drink or macro-organism seeds, these groups will also be populated.


Factories can be instructed to refine raw commodities into pure commodities (turning them into consumables), to fabricate structure components as well as synthesis raw commodities with the appropriate faction technology unlocked. The section by default will list all factories are their current status with an option to stop what they are doing if applicable. Clicking a factory name will enter the factory and provide you with the various functions the factory can perform. Generally the factory will continuously perform the action it is instructed to do until told to stop, all the input required is depleted.


The recipes section gives you the options to craft consumables from a defined recipe as well as load any equipment or weapon recipes your faction have discovered.

You can craft a listed consumable if you have all the required items in your hold. Once crafted the recipe items will be consumed instantly and the consumable is added to your hold.

For equipment and weapon recipes, loading the recipe will take you to the crafting interface with the parts prepopulated, if you do not have any of the parts listed in the recipe in your hold this is stated.

Research Lines

Finally, you can check what lines your faction has unlocked for crafting across equipment, ships and weapons.