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The 'Me' window is all about your character and the top of the window states your characters health (relevant during hunting or other planet-side activities), unspent skill points, credit balance and current level.


The skills section lists all skills you have realised along with the skill level and description. Below this are your current personaility factors and clicking the points link will give you an interface to realise new skills for that given factor. A full guide on how skills are factors work is available.


The statistics section shows metrics across various groups, your current psyche levels as well as your EIDOS statistics which are used in personal combat such as when hunting. These statistics influence the effectiveness of different gear types and generally performance in personal combat.

Your psyche consists of morale and equanimity. When morale is low, you might find this begins to effect other statistics and skills decreasing their effectiveness. Morale can be increased by performing activities you enjoy or engaging in fun activities such as eating nice food and relaxing. If you have low equanimity for an extended period of time, you may find you begin to lose your mind with your personality and outlook changing. Equanimity can be managed by being prepared and suited for situations and by having periods of calm.


You can change your appearance of your character from the appearance section, as well as review how you are currently seen by other players. If you are a patron you can randomise your character portrait from thousands of options. You can also change the background of your player banner (they all have descriptions of what they look like) with unique banners for patrons. You can also select different titles to use in your banner, which are unlocked as you play the game by performing remarkable feats.

If you are part of a guild you can also change your attire which is guild specific. All attire is described how it looks and will show to other people when they look at your profile, including on this public website.

Lastly, as a patron specific perk, you can choose a different engine sound for your ship when you arrive in a system. If people have sounds enabled they will hear this sound when you arrive.


Your profile section contains information about guilds you can join, mechanisms to define your characters biography and history as well as review traits of your character.

The literature group contains two areas to expand yourself the backstory of your character - biography and history. Your biography should be about your character, what they are like as a person, their personality, dreams, worries and plans for the future. Your history should be the backstory of your character leading up to today, including as much detail about your characters younger life, education, career any anything else you feel would enrich the understanding of your character. If you are not sure what yo write you can use the randomise option for the game to write these for you, based on your actions to-date.

Your character will have likes and dislikes, getting to know these will help your character improve their morale and level faster. Performing a favourite activity, consuming a favourite item or being present at a favourite location will improve morale over time and allow skills to level faster. Conversely, the least favourite things will lower morale and cause skills to improve slower. The traits group allows you to review the things your character likes and dislikes which have been discovered thus far.


Billion chips (or B-Chips) are credit chips that are cast to the amount of one billion credits but cannot be spent like traditional credits. Instead, once cast they act as a separate currency granting access to special areas of the galaxy such as raid areas. The chips are granted in three distinct ways automatically: once you reach two billion credits, a B-Chip is created for the credit cost of one billion credits. When a skill reaches level 100 for the first time, a B-Chip is issued. Special faction research can also issue B-Chips using the treasury credit amount.

One thing the chips can be used for are ship investments. If there are open ship investments they will also show in this section. When the ship is released the ship will be sold at your shipyards. Please note, that all ship investments are for generation two ships and therefore will only be sold at faction shipyards you own. A Shipyard is created when you upgrade a shipwright to level 100 and a shipyard consumes a research point each day in its operation.


The gear section allows you to browse gear available for your character and unquip or equip as necessary.

An inventory section shows the entire inventory of what your character will bring in personal combat, such as when hunting. You can review your inventory here and unequip items as required. Each item will require a number of slots to fit with different suits allowing a different number of maximum slots.

The consumables group lists any consumables your character can carry on them, this could include grenades or medicines.

The mechs section is a guild specific section, and if you have access to mechs you can choose which one to use in personal combat.

The suits group shows all suits you can own with the default being the Survior SSI suit. Suits provide different effects and statistics in combat as well as a different number of maximum slots. Suits can be forged in systems with the suit forging service.

Lastly, with the relevant skills realised you can use different weapons which are listed in the weapons group. The name, description, damage type and slots required to equip are listed. Different weapon types operate better with certain EIDOS statistics, clicking the weapon name will show the weapon type modifier, so you can decide the best type of weapons to use based on your EIDOS stats.