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The Corvette class of ship is a fast-moving defence craft, able to operate in formation with fighters. This is achieved via devoting a large portion of the hull to an oversized power core and an oversized pair of engines for a ship of it's size. This has, however, resulted in some trade-offs to enable the best performance of the power core and engines. As such the Corvette has been outfitted with a short range rapidly charging FTL drive, which relies heavily on it's power core, and is unable to land on planets, an issue that the design mitigates via the inclusion of two bays. Which offers the Corvette landing capability, although more commonly these bays serve as a means of rapidly deploying a pair of fighter craft. The Corvette is often used in this manner, operating as Fighter hunter in tandem with its support craft, which has in turn earned it the nickname of "Anti-fighter".

Availability: Descendants

Tier: 2

Shield: 600 ZWs

Hull: 600 GPa

Power: 11.4 ZWs

Speed: 0.35 LY/m

FTL Range: 8 LYs

FTL Charge Time: 2 minutes

Maximum Fuel: 180.0 LYs

Hold: 150 Mgs

Customisable Rooms: 1

Bays: 2

Can Land: No

Ship Docking: No

Length: 371 m

Width: 108 m

Decks: 7

Cost: 200,000 credits

Skill Requirement: Defence Craft 15.

Crew Requirement: 0

Guild Requirement: None.

Passive Perk: Engine Overload
Allows the captain to overload the engines to travel quicker at the expense of damaging them.

Defence Role

Defence role ships start combat with a 75% incoming damage modifier.

Starter Cards

[REACTIVE] Sharp Turn: Nullifies cannon attacks of any damage type targeted at [SELF] 1 time for 1 turn.

[DEFENCE] Burnout: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Speed: +20%.

[DEFENCE] Plasma Wake: Modifies the following statistics for a total of 1 turn for [ENEMY]: Speed: -50%.

[SPECIAL] Runhot: Increase speed by 0.1 at the expense of damaging the engines by 1%.

Flight Time Units

As you use a ship for its intended purpose you will accumulate flight time units (FTUs) which can viewed in the tactical window. Once the FTUs reach 100% you will be awarded an upgraded version of the ship (if one is available), parked at a specified location.

The progression path for this ship is: Corvette Enhanced Corvette Heavy Corvette Corvette G2


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