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As a unique Family At'la ship, the Hoodwink's sole purpose is to move cargo around undetected. It can achieve this via a shielded cargo deck, meaning no other ship can tell what the Hoodwink is and is not carrying.

Availability: Family At'la

Tier: 5

Shield: 800 ZWs

Hull: 800 GPa

Power: 3.2 ZWs

Speed: 0.30 LY/m

FTL Range: 10 LYs

FTL Charge Time: 2 minutes

Maximum Fuel: 250.0 LYs

Hold: 500 Mgs

Customisable Rooms: 0

Bays: 0

Can Land: Yes

Ship Docking: No

Length: 287 m

Width: 145 m

Decks: 5

Cost: 165,000 credits

Skill Requirement: Transport Craft 15.

Crew Requirement: 0

Passive Perk: Shielded Cargo Deck
Cargo stowed upon the vessel cannot be scanned or detected.

Logistics Role

Logistics role ships increase their sublight speed for travel proportional to how full their hold is, up to a maximum added speed of 0.2 LY/m.

Starter Cards

[REACTIVE] Fly Tipping: Nullifies torpedo attacks of any damage type targeted at [SELF] 1 time for 1 turn.

[DEFENCE] Yellow Belly: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Speed: +10%. Incoming Damage: -10%.

[SPECIAL] Razzle Dazzle: Fires a weapon randomly constructed mid-battle from illegal parts at a random enemy.


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