TextSpaced: An infinite and shared text-based universe.

What is TextSpaced?

TextSpaced is a text-based sci-fi MMORPG played in your browser. It has been designed from the start to be enjoyed by blind and sighted people alike (and everyone in between). It is set in an infinite one-dimensional universe (imagine an infinite ribbon) with original art, high-quality music and, mechanics built around the mantra of "tactical, not technical". TextSpaced blends the style of more traditional text adventures with modern principles to create a game where everyone coexists in the same expansive universe, which is steeped in lore and intrigue. The entire universe is organic where everything is connected to everything else, every decision you make has a cascade of repercussions for you and your faction. The sandbox nature of the game leaves you, the player, the freedom to decide at any point what to do next.

With a unique 16 factor personality system, you can unlock hundreds of skills to personalise your character with new ones being added all the time so that every player can walk a path different to everyone else. The narrative and story of TextSpaced unfold seamlessly, so you can choose to uncover the mysterious past of Old Earth, affiliate and forge relationships meeting both real and non-player characters - or simply pirate yourself to fame and fortune. With hundreds of different ways to make a living and even the mechanics to make new things nobody has seen before, every player's experience is different and personal. Your actions influence your factors, simply continue doing what you enjoy to unlock new career paths helping your faction gain more control over the universe.

Over 50% of people that play TextSpaced are blind or partially sighted.

TextSpaced is heavily faction focused encouraging players to work together for common goals but this doesn't preclude lone factions of pirates, traders or even bounty hunters from disrupting the universe. The sandbox nature means players can pursue what interests them, whether this is pushing back the veil of the frontier, trying to craft the finest weapons the universe has seen or even moving stars themselves to create new solar systems of their design. Factions can also build and nurture colonies where new players that start the game can be born from, starting the game directly within your faction.

Unlike traditional MUDs or MOOs which TextSpaced bears a resemblance to, the primary interface is via menu options and windows. Text is used to describe the universe and everything in it, however supporting art is often presented for things like ships and characters. This means it is always clear which options you have available and perfectly suited for screen readers.

678 players are in-game

The universe is filled with systems to discover which are realistically generated with a range of over 70 different body types; from common types like dust planets and stars to more exotic types such as black holes and gravity wells. The bodies also contain commodities to mine suitable for their type and can affect combat if fought around.

Trading is also a main pillar of TextSpaced and every item can be traded, including items produced at various fabrication steps with fabrication being performed by players using factories. Most cargo can also be used in crafting and TextSpaced has a multitude of crafting mechanics and ways a faction and player can customise what they own. This ranges from installing rooms in structures and ships and hiring a crew to more left-field ventures such as crafting ships, turning planets to metal or keeping bird companions. In total there are tens of thousands of different parts to use for crafting equipment and weapons as well as over 100 different structures to build ranging from buoys to Dyson Swarms and over 300 ships to purchase or craft ranging from a humble Shuttle to Destroyer.

The universe can be a hostile place because of other players and NPCs alike, either way, you will ever need to remain incognito or arm yourself for combat. Combat itself is a card-based system that focuses on tactics and timing where each player gets one minute before a round to prepare, making it ideal for screen readers.

Free to Play

TextSpaced always has and always will be free to play. We want players to know that when a Flagship turns up, the owner has spent time and has skill to get to that point. Instead, we allow players to support us via Patreon, which helps us run the servers and keep the development of TextSpaced rolling. We have been grateful that the support from players of the previous version of our game and currently has provided us with enough funds to keep TextSpaced alive for several decades.


TextSpaced started life as a single player command-line game, then transitioned to a Facebook Messenger game as a 4v4 team based game before becoming the first MMO within Facebook Messenger.


Even if you don't have a Discord account, you can dip in and see what is being discussed in the Discord server using the widget below.


The changelog can be viewed in Discord, in-game in the changelog comms channel or below.

  • 2022-08-09 17:43:42, Feature: You can now compare the stats of two ships on the public website.
  • 2022-08-09 16:43:55, Feature: The first faction to have discovered a system is now mentioned in the system entry information.
  • 2022-08-09 15:43:35, Feature: A new No Cap mission has been added for the Asteroid Bar structure.
  • 2022-08-09 14:43:35, Balance: The maximum amount of skill a mission can now grant per skill is an increase of 0.2.
  • 2022-08-09 13:43:37, Feature: When browsing ships in the computer window, there is now a skill level column so you can sort and filter by skill.
  • 2022-08-09 12:43:34, Feature: The mission search in the missions window will now also search mission descriptions.
  • 2022-08-09 11:43:33, Feature: A new Butcher skill has been added for clones in the warmth factor.
  • 2022-08-09 10:43:34, Feature: A new Temple Run mission has been added for the Temple structure.
  • 2022-08-08 19:43:34, Balance: Legendary capsules will now always provide rewards from every loot category.
  • 2022-08-08 18:43:40, Feature: Additional legendary loot has been created.
  • 2022-08-08 17:43:37, Feature: In the services window, books you already own will no longer show.
  • 2022-08-08 16:43:37, Balance: Some mission types will now also provide extra skill rewards.
  • 2022-08-08 15:43:40, Feature: A new Long Haul mission has been added for the mining base and platform.
  • 2022-08-08 12:43:37, Feature: Within the command window, under faction info, founders that are also patrons can now create custom content that is viewable to the rest of the faction.
  • 2022-08-08 11:43:37, Feature: Faction metrics can now be viewed with the command window under faction info.
  • 2022-08-08 10:43:37, Feature: A faction message is now sent when a distant signal is found as part of a colony request.
  • 2022-08-08 09:43:37, Feature: Fit, sell and repair options for equipment and weapons in your hold will now always have those contextual options available, but will error appropriately if not available for any reason.
  • 2022-08-06 20:43:36, Balance: The amount of commodities added when terraforming is successfully, now scales more appropriately to commodity rarity.
  • 2022-08-05 18:43:39, Feature: The systems owned infographic should now be accessible for screen readers.
  • 2022-08-05 17:43:36, Feature: The wormholes infographic should now be accessible to screen readers.


  1. Roverto Renteria

    Kumar L

    I have to admit... this has totally blown me away, the game HUD makes it feel like I'm a future pilot, the music is awesome and it runs at a pace I can play it... I am so stunned about this.

  2. Karoly Hemm

    Sarah R

    The interface and the accessibility of the game is amazing.

    Unlike similar games, I never found myself stuck once regarding to navigating the interface.

  3. Karoly Hemm

    Jamie S

    This is the most beautiful text-based game I've ever seen.

    It's a masterpiece.

  4. Corey Bailey

    James A

    I look forward to playing this game every day.

    I don't understand how this huge game can be free. Keep up the fantastic job!