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As a ship specifically designed by the Transitional Government the Interdictor is a light recon vessel with the aim of going into hostile territory to scout out and attack logistical targets or critical soft points. It can do this thanks to a high speed and range and with passive sensors that allow scanning to go undetected. With a minimal hold and no space for rooms or quarters this ship is not suited however for captains that are not experienced.

Availability: TransGov.

Tier: 1

Shield: 100 ZWs

Hull: 100 GPa

Ports: 1

Auxiliary Weapons: 1

Speed: 300Mm/h

FTL Range: 30 LYs

FTL Charge Time: 1 minutes

Hold: 10 Mgs

Crew Quarters: 0

Customisable Rooms: 0

Bays: 0

Can Land: Yes

Ship Docking: Yes

Cost: 5,000 credits

Skill Requirement: No prerequisite

Perk: Passive Scan
Allows scanning of ships without the target being notified.