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A unique recon role ship, the Pathfinder is designed to travel into deep space and locate wormholes. With a bespoke quantum sensor array, the Pathfinder can detect wormholes from up to 100 LYs away. To aid in this long-term exploration the Pathfinder also features a front saucer section split into eight compartments allowing the captain to grow botanics of their choosing. This helps by suppling food and medical supplies if needed.

Availability: Civilian Guild

Tier: 4

Shield: 300 ZWs

Hull: 200 GPa

Power: 5.0 ZWs

Speed: 0.30 LY/m

FTL Range: 50 LYs

FTL Charge Time: 1 minutes

Maximum Fuel: 460.0 LYs

Hold: 200 Mgs

Customisable Rooms: 2

Bays: 0

Can Land: Yes

Ship Docking: No

Length: 210 m

Width: 87 m

Decks: 4

Cost: 200,000 credits

Skill Requirement: Recon Craft 30.

Crew Requirement: 0

Passive Perk: Pathfinder
Ships with the Pathfinder perk can see undiscovered wormholes from up to 100 LYs away.

Recon Role

Recon role ships can double the performance of afterburners for sublight travel.

Starter Cards

[REACTIVE] Hole in One: Nullifies broadside attacks of any damage type targeted at [SELF] 1 time for 1 turn.

[DEFENCE] Light Drive Repair: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Light Drive: +10%.

[SPECIAL] Quantum Pull: Deal 50 ZWs of shield damage to opposing ships with current a shield strength of 1,000 ZWs or above.


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