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Carrier G2

The Carrier was already a formidable vessel and the next generation Carrier does not disappoint. With an even higher shield rating of 3,000 Mgs, an obscene power availability of 57.1 ZWs and a jump range of 50 lighters, the Carrier G2 is the ultimate tool in evacuating friendlies to a safe distant or launching an attack deep in enemy space.

Availability: TransGov

Tier: 1

Shield: 3,000 ZWs

Hull: 1,000 GPa

Power: 57.1 ZWs

Speed: 0.10 LY/m

FTL Range: 50 LYs

FTL Charge Time: 5 minutes

Maximum Fuel: 1,850.0 LYs

Hold: 300 Mgs

Customisable Rooms: 6

Bays: 12

Can Land: No

Ship Docking: No

Length: 741 m

Width: 520 m

Decks: 16

Cost: 1,200,000 credits

Skill Requirement: Transport Craft 50.

Crew Requirement: 8

Guild Requirement: Evax Company.

Passive Perk: Friendly Refuel
Passively uses shield energy to refuel friendly faction or allied ship light drives in the same sector.

Transport Role

When docked with a transport ship your crew can use rooms onboard the transport ship and at a higher rate.

Starter Cards

[REACTIVE] Shield Snap: Nullifies missile attacks of any damage type targeted at [SELF] 15 times for 1 turn.

[DEFENCE] Quick Charge: Modifies the following statistics instantly for [SELF]: Shields: +30 ZWs.

[SPECIAL] Launch Drone: Launches an Orb Drone into combat.

[SPECIAL] Barrel Roll: Guard a friendly ship against one attack in one turn.


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